API keys & secrets

An Application Programming Interface (API) provides a way for applications to securely connect and talk to each other at a system level.

By providing API -access to the TIQK platform, we've given your software developers the ability to build custom apps and systems that can tap into TIQK's smart and accurate audit technology.

Using keys & secrets

To enable API access to an organisation’s TIQK account, an Administrator user in the organisation must create an API Key and API Secret in the TIQK web app.

They are used each time to authenticate and authorise your system or application to your TIQK organisation account.

They can generate as many different keys as they need for multiple integrations. Keys are not billed / do not count as user licenses. However any audits run via the Production API endpoint may be subject to billing fees or restrictions.

API Keys have full administrator permissions to the organisation’s account

They should be treated the same as your TIQK Administrator passwords.

You should only share your API Keys and Secrets with trusted developers and take care not to publish them in user guides or other manuals.

Creating an API Key and Secret

These are used by your app developers to securely connect the apps they build to the TIQK platform.

Visit Your organisation / API integrations:

Because they provide full access to your TIQK account, only your TIQK Administrator(s) can view that page.

Give the API Key and Secret to your developers

They’ll need them to construct applications that securely connect to our platform. Give them a link to these Developer API resources as well.