Brand, websites, and logos

Our name

TIQK is pronounced just like the word “tick” ✅

It’s not an acronym or abbreviation

  • Our company name is: TIQK Pty Limited

  • Our SaaS platform is called: TIQK

  • The services we offer (Due Diligence, Remediation reports) are: TIQK Managed Services

  • The word TIQK is always written in ALL UPPERCASE – except for email addresses and website URLs where it is written in lowercase

Our websites

Colour palette

TIQK green

  • CMYK: 75-0-75-0

  • RGB: 43-182-115

  • Web: #2ab573

TIQK primary dark text / reversed background

  • CMYK: 81-64-58-56

  • RGB: 35-50-56

  • Web: #233238

Our logo

The TIQK logo is a Registered Trademark of TIQK Pty Limited.

  • Don’t change the colour of our logo

  • Don’t change the shape of our logo

  • Don’t change the orientation of our logo

  • Do make sure the logo includes the ® symbol – it’s a Registered Trademark

  • Don’t blend/mix/mashup the logo with other logos or images unless approved by TIQK

  • Do maintain the correct spacing around our logo in your on-screen and printed materials

Logo placement

Minimum spacing to other elements:


Use this in most cases




Use this only when vertical space is limited


Download our logo files

Click to view and download the logo files below. They are transparent PNGs.

Contact our Customer Success team if you require vector (EPS or AI) versions of the logos